Plot of a world in upheaval

This visualization is not intended to be exhaustive. There will be sucessive updates. We are open for proposals:

  • Animal Rights
  • Commemoration
  • Democracy
  • Economy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Feminism
  • Health Issues
  • Human Rights
  • Minorities
  • Peace
  • Politics of Space
  • Refugees


global aCtIVISm

For some years now, a new form of world-wide activism driven by citizens (lat. civis) has been in evidence, as the word CIVIS highlighted in aCtIVISm emphasizes. It is a movement spawned by globalization, technological developments, and the expansion of art. Indeed, ever since the 1960s, art has generated new forms of audience participation in the guise of Fluxus, happenings, action art, and performance. Increasing audience participation in art has now invaded politics, as it were: as the new form of civil participation. Artistic and political demonstrations merge.
Osman Bozkurt, Foggy., 2013, installation view/ Ausstellungsansicht global aCtIVISm at ZKM Karlsruhe, courtesy the artist/ der Künstler Foto: Felix Grünschloss